Career Opportunities

Customer Service Representatives

All Customer Service Representatives are very devoted and they meet customer’s expectations in a very pleasant, efficient and timely manner. They love contact with people and they have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They are very dynamic, they cooperate with each other very efficiently and are very detail-oriented.

Therefore, if you believe that you have all those skills we definitely want you in our team!

Kitchen Employee

All of our Kitchen employees are detail-oriented when it comes to meal preparation.

They are very strict with food hygiene and safety.

They therefore stand out for being very methodical, organized and punctual.

Delivery Guy

All of our delivery guys are very kind, highly responsible and willing to help with any potential issue that might arise.

They are very cooperative and they are all skilled enough to handle any situation in the road. If you have a driving license, then you should join our team!

Store Supervisor

All of our team members have the opportunity for self-development and the potential for career development opportunities.

 A Supervisor in our stores, is responsible for managing and coordinating all daily operations during his/her shift. He/she guides and encourages all the members of the team. Also, he takes initiatives and he/she deals with any issues that might arise. Our Store Supervisors are very devoted when it comes to interacting with customers.

 Necessary Qualifications: Strong organizational and communication skills

Store Manager

A Store Manager at Goody’s stores stands out for his/her management and leadership skills.

He/ she knows how to operate in a fast-paced environment and he/she has excellent problem-solving skills.

He/ she is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the store and for the compliance of all health and safety policies. He/she is also responsible for guiding all employees, in order to ensure high levels of self-improvement and development.

Necessary Qualifications: Strong interpersonal and organizational skills. The ability to take initiative and to resolve potential issues that might arise. High self-control and being an energetic individual

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