ArGOODaki charity work 2021

For 20 years, ArGOODaki has been the baton through which our love is transferred to the children who need us. So, this Christmas, we celebrate all together the 20 years of supporting children in need, giving the necessary special equipment to 4 organizations in big cities of Greece ("Ionas" of Athens, "Eagles" of Thessaloniki, "Pyrros" of Ioannina and K .Η.Φ.Α.Μ.Ε.Α. Chania), to help mentally and physically disabled children to become familiar with sports and to make their dreams come true. Two great athletes have joined their forces with ArGOODAki in order to support this cause: Miltos Tentoglou, Olympic gold medalist in long jump, and Antonis Tsapatakis, bronze Paralympian in swimming.